Introducing: Binne van der Wal, Project Manager

Introducing: Binne van der Wal, Project Manager

My name is Binne van der Wal, Project Manager for Smals Dredging in the UK. I graduated as a Civil Engineer (Harbour, Coast & Dredging Technology) in Groningen. I have been working for Smals Dredging UK Ltd. since 4 years. Currently, my work area is mainly Belgium, Holland and the United Kingdom. 

From Scotland to the Southcoast and Wales to the East Midlands, I have seen many landscapes and concurred different conditions with both sand reclamation and maintenance dredging works. Therefore my job has a lot of variety. With these different projects in different countries, my office moves throughout the year. 

Being in contact with the local community during our works gives me a lot of energy. We usually get a warm welcome wherever we go and every time I enjoy to blend with the community and explain our dredging works and the functionality of the dredger.

Building with nature:
As a team we are always determined to improve the environment together with the local community. 

Most inquiries for dredging works also include the need to improve the local economy or nature. We always offer dredging solutions that create a win-win situation for the locals and the environment.

For example: we implement a 100% re-usage of the dredged material. We increase the quality of agricultural areas by pumping the dredged material to lower lands where it can be used to raise the landscape and add nutrients to the soil.

And along the coastlines, we discharge materials where it is most needed to diminish the effects of erosion.  

One project in particular I am proud of and is worth mentioning.

In 2017 Smals Dredging dredged the Brightlingsea marina. The harbour was silting up, blocking the access to the harbour, and we dredged the excess silt out of the marina creek with one of our 10-inch dredgers. Via floating pipelines the dredged material was transported to former clay pits in a protected nature area to restore the intertidal mudflat and saltmarsh habitats. Last year Smals received an award for that particular project, due to the positive contribution to the environment.

I hope 2021 will be a great and healthy year in which we can realise beautiful projects together. Hope to see you soon.

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